Frozen Coley (I’m alone so I can!)

A couple of weeks ago I started thinking about what I was going to eat for supper at around half past two in the afternoon. This isn’t unusual behaviour. By the time work… Read More

Using my last tub of beetroot: Beetroot Ice Cream

Okay – so I know that I’ve gone a bit over the top with beetroot recently, but as I mentioned in an earlier post, there’s a 3 for 2 offer on tubs of… Read More

Egg and Soldiers

This morning. Before it started to rain.

Modern (and quick) Stroganoff

I had a bit of beef fillet left over from the beef wellington, so I gave my Mum a ring for some inspiration. She suggested that I did a stroganoff, which traditionally uses… Read More

I ♥ beetroot. PART 3 - Beetroot Brownies

Pudding – Beetroot Brownies (inspired by Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall) Ingredients (makes about 8 big brownies) 200g dark chocolate (I used Tesco’s Ivory Coast chocolate which has a bite without being too bitter) 200g… Read More

I ♥ beetroot. PART 2 - Beetroot Salsa

For supper, I went for a beetroot salsa to accompany some fish I’d got hold of (again…from the discount aisle – two lovely bits of trout reduced from £4 to £2) Ingredients (to… Read More

I ♥ beetroot. PART 1 - Beetroot Salad

Food prices have been soaring lately. I’m beginning to feel old, reminiscing about when you could buy a pack of butter for less than £1. Last week, Good Housekeeping asked their readers what… Read More


Just a quick heads up that my reviews of the best bars in San Francisco, Oxford, Birmingham and Nottingham are up on the diffordsguide website. Check it out - it’s a very cool… Read More

The Ultimate Treat/Bribe: Beef Wellington

My maternal grandfather is a vegetarian. Even more unusually, the great grandmother on my paternal side was a vegetarian too. She lived in a very early hippy colony and owned an organic food… Read More

Fiona Cairns

Have been thrown by the clock change, and have friends coming for lunch so only time for a very quick post…. But woke up to an excited text saying that Fiona Cairns has… Read More