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Where to throw a Party in London

It’s good to shake up routine. And it couldn’t have been truer than last Friday. Tom and I were pottering over to our local, when last minute we decided to try somewhere new,… Read More

The Jugged Hare on Chiswell Street

“It’s like they’ve taken all the best parts of all the best restaurants and melded them into one ‘super pub’” Tom concluded as we left The Jugged Hare lastnight. Now, my boyfriend is… Read More

Ceviche: South American in Soho

Just as the fashion industry decided that tribal prints were coming back in many, many seasons ago, so the movers-and-shakers in the food world predicted, mid-2011, that South American cuisine was going to… Read More

My three favourite places to drink cocktails in London

Apologies for the abject grumpiness in my last post. I had a temporary fall out with the very concept of food blogs after visiting the jam-packed and ultra-trendy Pitt Cue Co. It would’ve… Read More

Renaissance Pubs: Posh pub crawl round Clapham

Dear readers, I apologise that it has taken me since Burns Night to construct a post – but I’m afraid that I’ve been busy indulging in my second-favourite pastime (second to this blog,… Read More

The Drift: Flambé Menu

Lots of my friends work in The City. This is a annoying for a variety of reasons. It’s annoying because I now know far more about insurance and reinsurance than I ever wanted… Read More