Columbia Road

Just a quickie to draw your attention to the best breakfast sandwich I’ve ever had.

You can only get them on Sundays at Columbia Road. Two doors down from Columbia Cafe is a white shop that has no name. You can get battered prawns and calamari in polystyrene cups.

Go for the sausage rolls though. White bloomer rolls, tangy onion relish, lashings of mustard and two big juicy sausages. Phenomenal!



Maybe I should write that ‘I don’t approve animals being at the table.’ But I’d be lying.

I can see the logic behind why it’s not a good idea …but then I can also see the logic of stopping after two glasses of wine, or why fruit is better for weight loss than ice cream, and the fact that wearing a rucksack instead of an overloaded handbag is much more sensible. Recognising the logic isn’t the same as applying it though…. 

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