Emmett’s of Peasenhall

It takes a far bigger person than myself to turn down bacon. So when the lovely people at Emmett’s asked if I’d be interested in trying some, it was a no-brainer.

The Suffolk company has specialised in hams and bacon since 1820, and were even awarded a Royal Warrant by The Queen Mother for their sweet pickled hams. Oh, what a wonderful thing to be issued a Royal Warrant for. The deli in Peasenhall, near Framlingham, is a den of honeycombs, crystallised fruit, olives, marmalades and tapenades, as well as Emmett’s signature hams and bacon. I was lucky enough to visit once on a trip to the East Coast, and also popped into the cafe there, which overlooks the smokehouse. Highly recommended.

Back to the bacon though. The British breakfast staple really divides opinion. Some like fatty rashers which ooze into thickly-buttered white bloomer. Others like crispy strips layered up in a BLT. Some like ‘green’ smoked bacon. Others like would never stray from a pack of Wall’s.

Personally though, I like my rashers streaky and smoked. The pauper’s choice. But I love fat. It reminds me of a scene in Jilly Cooper’s Class: “when a woman asks for back, I call her ‘madam’“, so the butcher says. “When she asks for streaky, I call her ‘dear’“.

Hopefully the photographs go to show how lovely and crisp Emmett’s cured streaky bacon was. A different league to any of the supermarket offerings. My only problem is that I wouldn’t usually be organised enough to pre-order bacon in anticipation of a lazy Sunday morning. But it’s a great shop to have on your radar, perhaps for placing a Christmas order of smoked ham and special bacon for a celebratory family fry-up.

** Bacon, egg, toast and tea for just £2.14 at Emmett’s Cafe during July/August 2014**

Emmett’s online brochure

Emmett’s of Peasenhall
IP17 2HJ


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