#22MealsForACoffee & Individual Summer Puddings

If you only read one other article today, please make it this post by A Girl Called Jack. It was typed into an old Nokia phone back in July 2012, when Jack hit rock-bottom as a 24 year-old, unemployed, single mum.

It is a powerful piece of writing. A stark reminder of the half-million people who rely on food banks. A harrowing image of the little boys round the country asking “where’s mummy’s breakfast?” A painful reality that hunger happens in Britain. And Hunger Hurts…. 

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Battling weight-gain accusations with sticky toffee puddings

I’ve been toying with the idea of trying to lose some weight.
Nothing too drastic—maybe cutting pork pies out of my diet, or restricting myself to one pudding per meal, or drinking more tonic that gin…… 

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