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Celery Soup

For those of you who have clicked through to this recipe for celery soup, congratulations for your open-mindedness. It’s a tricky one, celery. Lots of people take a bite of a raw stick… Read More

Pearl Barley Soup

It’s only when you organise a party that you realise quite how many important people are missing. Katie is in Ghana, Clara is in Abu Dhabi, Immy is in India, Emma is in… Read More

Oxtail and Aubergine Ragu

A recent Guardian article bemoaned the spate of Italian chains littering the high street. It described the “British ‘Italian’ as a bastardised standard bearer for affordable, democratic dining”. According to the author, the… Read More


I’ve done a small poll, and can conclude that boys don’t like gazpacho. Obviously, this is a whopping generalization, but the boys I’ve quizzed don’t seem to understand the concept: “can’t you warm… Read More