Stylist magazine: 24 March 2015
“Welcome to the Dinner Party of the Future”



Ocadolife: Food Forecast (Jan 2015)

ocado food forecast

Mash Strategy Studio food expert (ongoing advisory role):

“Your presentation was superb and the client absolutely loved you!
We at Mash were really impressed and it really is one of the best we have had in a long time.”

NEW Reader’s Digest pages (as of January 2015 I now curate all four pages, including recipe)
January 2015

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Feb 2015

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Old-format Reader’s Digest pages below

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Conde Nast Traveller India


January, 2014 – London city guide
February, 2014 – London’s 50 Best Meals (16-page feature, sample above)
Syndicated in Conde Nast Middle East

Condé Nast Traveller, UK
September, 2014 – Denmark’s Oyster Treasure Trove

Flight Centre magazine


Fish On Friday (2014 – ongoing)
Deputy editor: commissioning, subbing, copy, recipe, photography, design


7 March 2014: Ridley Road Market
20 March 2014: Aquaponics: Grow Your Own
17 April 2014: A Feast to Remember
24 April 2014: Sassoon Docks: A World Apart 
10 June 2014: Back to their Roots
28 August 2014: Scallops at Dawn
11 September 2014: Fast Company
25 September 2014: Inside Scoop

The Telegraph - Copy, recipe-development and photography
Full links to recipes here


24 July, 2013: A is for … Azuki Beans
31 July, 2013: B is for … Buttermilk
7 August 2013: C is for … Coconut oil
14 August 2013: D is for … Dukkah
21 August 2013: E is for … Espelette Pepper
28 August 2013: F is for … Fernet Branca
4 September 2013: G is for … Gochujang

11 September 2013: H is for … Harissa
19 September 2013: I is for … Ikan Billis
5 September 2013: J is for … Juniper
2 October 2013: K is for … Konnyaku
9 October 2013: L is for … Liquid Smoke
16 October 2013: M is for … Matcha

23 October 2013: N is for … Nori
30 October 2013: O is for … Ox Tail
6 November 2013: P is for … Pasilla Chilli

13 November 2013: Q is for … Quinoa
20 November 2013: R is for … Ras el Hanout
27 November 2013: S is for … Szechuan Peppercorns
4 December 2013: T is for … Tahini
11 December 2013: U is for …Umeboshi Plums

18 December 2013: V is for … Verjuice
2 January 2014: W is for … White Balsamic Vinegar
9 January 2014: X is for … Xantham Gum
15 January 2014: Y is for … Yuzu Juice
22 January 2014: Z is for … Za’atar

The Guardian

Village butcher's window display with pheasant hanging outside.
24 February, 2014: Should Meat Be Displayed in Butcher Shop Windows?
3 March, 2014: World Pancake – Okonomiyaki from Japan
4 March, 2014: World Pancake – Bindaetteok from Korea
4 March, 2014: World Pancake – Pani Pol from Sri Lanka
8 September 2014: Gourmet Baked Beans: A Gastronomisation too Far? 

The Independent
19 April, 2014: Catering to the Masses in Mumbai

the independent bandra

Creative Semiotics - cultural analysis, research and presentations on British provenance/freshness/baking trends etc.

Vice, Munchies
15 September 2014: There’s A Danish Town Overrun with Giant Oysters
19 September 2014: I dined on Tinned Tuna at London’s First Canned Food Restaurant

delicious magazine, February 2014  (Words: Rachel Smith)

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Morrisons magazine, January 2014 (Recipes: Rachel Smith)


Waitrose Kitchen magazine, January 2014 (Compiled: Rachel Smith)

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Sous Chef, editor of Bureau of Taste (2012-2013) selection of articles listed below

tony conigliaro

17 May 2013: How to Cook with Mexican Chillies
10 May 2013: Tony Conigliaro – Pushing the Boundaries
11 April 2013: Traditional Farro Soup Recipe
19 March 2013: Italian Inspiration – Jason Kenedy from Bocca di Lupo
7 March 2013: Pepper – The Rise and Fall of Black Gold
7 March 2013: Pepper – World Pepper Guide & Tasting Notes
20 February 2013: Persian Fesenjan Stew Recipe
20 February 2013: About Pomegranate Molasses
1 February 2013: Lisa Meyer – Yum Bun Founder & Rising Street Food Star
25 January 2013: Getting Smoky in Stokey – London Smoked Salmon
16 January 2013: Burns Night Haggis
8 January 2013: Andrew Kojima – MasterChef Finalist
7 November 2012: Mexican’s on the Menu – Death by Burrito
1 November 2012: Alyn Williams Discusses Vegetables & Sous Vide
1 November 2012: Converting a Sous Vide Sceptic
20 September 2012: Omar Allibhoy and his Tapas Revolution
14 September 2012: Ross Shonhan talks all things Ramen
22 August 2012: Kimchi – Korea’s Greatest Food?

Great British Chefs

gb chef jugged hare

25 May 2014: Flawless Beef Wellington on Great British Menu
16 May 2014: Smoking Techniques on Great British Menu
11 May 2014: Preparing Potatoes on Great British Menu
3 May 2014:  Tempering Chocolate on Great British Menu 
24 April 2014: Blow Torching on Great British Menu 
17 April 2014: Deep Frying on Great British Menu

How to cook with Buttermilk
How to cook with Tonka Beans
How to cook with Xanthan Gum
How to cook with Yuzu
How to cook with Rose Petals
How to cook with Cocoa Nibs
How to cook with Pearl Barley
How to cook with Kaffir Leaves
How to cook with Liquorice
How to cook with Panko Breadcrumbs
How to cook with Tahini
How to cook with Verjus
How to cook with Agar Agar
How to cook with Dashi
How to cook with Miso
How to cook with Nettles

How to Make French Toast
How to Make Jugged Hare

How to Make Puff Pastry

Wired magazine

February 2014: How to Style Food into Flesh
December 2013: How to Ferment Kimchi
May 2012: How to Tickle a Trout

Radio Times

Dr Who fish fingers and custard

13 August 2012: BINTM’s Size Zero Noodles
18 August 2012: X Factor Chicory Salad
31 August 2012: Dr Who Fish Finger and Hollandaise Custard
15 September 2012: Strictly Come Dancing Viennese Whirls
23 September 2012: Downton Abbey Marmalade Cocktails
7 October 2012: Homeland Chilli Dogs

MasterChef: Five things we learned in week 1
MasterChef: Five things we learned in week 2
MasterChef: Five things we learned in week 3
MasterChef: Five things we learned in week 4
MasterChef: Five things we learned in week 5
MasterChef: Five things we learned in week 6

View London
16 September 2013: Cheese at Leadenhall
23 September 2013: Sager +Wilde
23 September 2013: Boulestin
22 November 2013: Topolski

Class magazine – San Francisco bar reviews

san_fran-page-001 san_fran-page-002 san_fran-page-003 san_fran-page-004 san_fran-page-005 san_fran-page-006

Paris bar reviews
Berlin bar reviews
Birmingham bar reviews
Oxford bar reviews
Nottingham bar reviews

Editorial feature on Grey Goose (Words: Rachel Smith)


10-page editorial feature on Martini & Rossi (Words: Rachel Smith)


8-page Berry Bros & Rudd cocktail competition write-up (Words: Rachel Smith)


Reader’s Digest editorial assistant 2011-2012



Broadsheet magazine (City & Guilds), Words: Rachel Smith