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So…if your innocent slumber party got a little out of hand, it’s a Sunday evening, and you’re feeling the tiniest bit fragile, then here’s a great recipe for a comfort food supper. Source two courgettes. Mine’s at the top. Tom’s is at the bottom. Cut them in half, scoop out the seedy middle with a [...]

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Click here to vote for this recipe in the Real Food Challenge - so far it only has 1 rating…and that was me…and I clicked 1* by mistake. Darn. When it’s a Saturday night and some of your gal pals are round for a slumber party, a chocolate-based pudding is a must. I love this [...]

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I failed my chemistry GCSE. I don’t understand how magnesium and sodium changes stuff into hydrogen (it probably doesn’t – as I said, I failed – when chemicals are involved, I just don’t get it). It’s funny that my favourite sort of cooking is alchemy – the kind where you start with raw ingredients that [...]

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