Christmas Lunch - Top Tips & the Odd Recipe

christmas in bethnal green

One of the things about being a freelancer is that there’s no Christmas party. Take note, I haven’t specified whether or not it’s a particularly good or bad thing. It’s just a thing. I’ve never been a big fan of corporate entertainment - but then you sort of miss it when it’s not there.… 

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51 Degrees at The Rooftop Cafe

I love a post-work drink in The City, because it’s always good to catch up with friends.

There are a few downsides though.

Firstly, location. Last night’s booze seeps out of every pore of the men squeezed into The Swan on Ship Tavern Street. A fug of lunchtime gases and beer belches hang in the air and body heat radiates from under every wool-cashmere blend overcoat. There’s the chronic bottom-pinching at The Jamaica Wine House and the all-boy-boarding-school feel to Simpson’s Tavern where Etonian execs enjoy being scolded by the matronly servers. As a female freelancer, it’s always a culture shock when I cross the border from Tower Hamlets to The City of London.… 

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Øllebrød & Grød

Since slipping a disc in a kitchen as a teenager, Mum has been prone to having a bad back. But whenever she comes to visit, she insists on lugging the most enormous booty down from Leicestershire with her. She’s been known to arrive at the Barnet Grove bus stop with a box of six (glass) bottles of homemade elderflower cordial and litre jars of jams and chutneys in tow.… 

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Celery, Raisin and Mackerel Salad

I know, I know, another mackerel salad. I suppose that’s the problem of genuinely blogging about ‘the food I eat’ - if I buy a pack of three mackerel, then there are going to be a few mackerel posts while I get through it all.

I really do love mackerel though - man, it’s tasty. And it’s got that fishy oiliness which you just know is making you big and strong and kicking your brain into action….all that Omega-3. This just takes seconds to put it together, and the crunchy celery, juicy raisins and earthy beetroot are quite the combination. Enjoy!… 

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