Reader’s Digest: March Food & Drink Pages

People often think of mussels in terms of France’s classic dish, moules-frites. But mussels have been cultivated in British waters for hundreds of years - seven million tons of them are farmed in Scotland alone. So it makes sense to showcase them alongside some more of Britain’s best produce: cider, bacon, sage and English mustard…. 

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‘I Can’t Be Bothered’ Sushi Bowl

From top left, clockwise: A dish by Ferran Adrià called ‘Seed’ - I imagine because it looks someone has ‘sown their seed’ all over the plate; a deconstructed soup; a famous deconstructed dish by Italian chef Bottura, called ‘Oops I Dropped The Lemon Tart'; Some deconstructed scallops, which look like they’re trying to escape.

Until the late nineties, it was always assumed that food would arrive fully-constructed. A pie was a pie, a soup was a soup, and so on and so forth. Then molecular gastronomy happened.


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