Johnnie Walker City Edition: London Launch

From left to right: view from The Eye; chinnock above The City; Sunset from the Shangri-La pool at The Shard

“Mmm … the best place I’ve ever drunk whisky?” ponders Colin Dunn. As a Diageo whisky ambassador it’s not a straightforward question. “Probably Fingal’s Cave,” he says, referring to a tasting he did in on the uninhabited, Inner Hebridean island of Staffa, in a grotto known for its cathedral-like acoustics. “So much of taste is linked to experience,” he says…. 

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Frozen Wine Ice Cubes

On the rare occasion that there are dregs of wine left over from a party, it often sits on the side for days while everyone dries out. It’s annoying to ever chuck wine. So try this cunning ‘kitchen hack’ of freezing leftovers in an ice cube tray. A big one is best, like this one from Nisbets, otherwise… 

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Mushroom and polenta

To say that the last week was dreich is something of an understatement. London has been engulfed in such a large raincloud that – although I can usually see over The City, as far as The Shard from my desk – I haven’t been able to see much further than the tree outside the window for… 

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Friday Pot Luck | Week 10

Overheard in Waitrose. A source of endless amusement: “Noah, you’ve had enough Manchego for one day” “Darling, do we need Parmesan for both houses?” “Don’t rummage in the reduced bin, someone from the golf club might see you.”

Hurwundeki: lunch and a haircut

On Tuesday morning it took me about 15 minutes to dry my hair. No enormous surprise, because it’d been over a year since it’d last been cut, and it had got long. Most people would simply think “I’ll ring my hairdressers and book an appointment.” But here lies my problem. When you only get your… 

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