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People often think of mussels in terms of France’s classic dish, moules-frites. But mussels have been cultivated in British waters for hundreds of years – seven million tons of them are farmed in Scotland alone. So it makes sense to showcase them alongside some more of Britain’s best produce: cider, bacon, sage and English mustard.
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  1. janet butler says

    Hi it was intresting to read your comment that the mussel season ends in april, I wholeheartly agree with you but I wish our fishing authorities (nwifca) would also agree with you but alas they don’t. As a small fishing community we understand that the mussel is seasonal and during the summer months they spat and need time to rejuvenate ready for havesting again during the autumn and winter months.perhaps you could try and contact them and point this out to them as we have approached them on this subject to no avail. we have asked for a closed season to be put into a byelaw to conserve the musse l skears in our area which is Morecambe bay any input would be appreciated as I fear the mussels will not be around for future generations to enjoy. regards frustrated fisherman .

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