Lovely Hugh’s celeriac and squash pasty

For the past four mounts, Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall has been vegetarian. Good on him.

I often think that I could be vegetarian too – well, until someone puts a steak in front of me…or a pork pie, a roast chicken, a Cornish pasty…you get the point…. 

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Shopping in the cheap aisle: Sunday Supper

Just a quick post to eulogize the wonders of discount-aisle shopping.

On Sundays, the local Tesco’s shuts at 4:30. This poses a problem, because at 4:30 I’ve usually only just finished lunch, and can’t start thinking about supper. But then if I wait for too, long the Tesco’s closes, and then there isn’t any supper at all – that’s even worse…. 

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