Photo taken by Adam Luszniak

As the (last) recession crept up, pubs and restaurants got a lot of airtime. And not for a good reason.

Back in 2009, 52 pubs were closing each week and there was just a 20% chance that a restaurant would survive its first two years. Scrimping and saving was having a knock-on effect, and the future seemed bleak…. 

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Corner Room

About a month ago I was lucky enough to go to Viajante, which (as you can see from my review) was an incredible experience. I was ecstatic that it had set up camp just 10 minute’s from my doorstep, and had already started concocting another ‘celebratory excuse’ to go back…

…So, imagine my absolute horror when I picked up a copy of The Metro a few weeks later which described how “its constituency has tended towards City boys or the wealthier food geek.”

Oh horror of all horrors! As soon as a review makes social generalizations, (no matter how true they might be) it destroys any future, carefree eating experience. The seeds of self-analysis have been sown—no longer is it just a meal, but it’s a statement…. 

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Recently I told a long lost friend that I was living in East London. He looked at me, eyes brimming with pity, and asked whether I’d had to eat many jellied eels. If he wasn’t being deadly serious, I wouldn’t have been so shocked. But he was.

The East End has been shackled with a reputation of jellified, fish-based produce. People think that the 24-hour bagel shop is as good as it gets. Otherwise it’s Bethnal Green’s Chicken ‘n Ribs joints or a dodgy Brick Lane curry…. 

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