Friday Pot Luck| Week #5


It was only a few months ago that Thomas and I found ourselves in John Lewis, having a genuine conversation about an ‘Asiatic Pheasant‘ dinner service. Terrifying. Thankfully, we quickly realised what was happening, and went to the pub instead…. 

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Renaissance Pubs: Posh pub crawl round Clapham

Dear readers, I apologise that it has taken me since Burns Night to construct a post – but I’m afraid that I’ve been busy indulging in my second-favourite pastime (second to this blog, of course): coming up with some devastatingly cunning business plans…. 

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Photo taken by Adam Luszniak

As the (last) recession crept up, pubs and restaurants got a lot of airtime. And not for a good reason.

Back in 2009, 52 pubs were closing each week and there was just a 20% chance that a restaurant would survive its first two years. Scrimping and saving was having a knock-on effect, and the future seemed bleak…. 

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Ode to geekery

What, with Tom “The Mad Scientist” Pellereau claiming victory in this year’s Apprentice, it seems that innovations are in, and ‘geek’ is even chicer than ever.

So, I thought I’d pay tribute with some of my favourite food-geekery.

Parmesan cheese pencils: takes 'parmesan shavings' to a new level

Fruity fruit juice cartons. Nice.

Anti-theft lunch bags to deter sandwich poachers

Well done Brooklyn Fare for just saying it how it is

You get a bottle of wine. Blue tit gets a house. Win win.

"Road Kill Gummy Candies." Wow. I especially love the tyre mark across their middle

Double purpose sports drink

No skirting the issue with this beef packaging

A demonstration of some extraordinary lateral thinking

Making mealtime SO much more fun

Pop a blueberry....

Take a drag on...a carrot, or chomp on a celery chip

Let me know if I’ve left off any gems, and I can add them to my list: