Johnnie Walker City Edition: London Launch

From left to right: view from The Eye; chinnock above The City; Sunset from the Shangri-La pool at The Shard

“Mmm … the best place I’ve ever drunk whisky?” ponders Colin Dunn. As a Diageo whisky ambassador it’s not a straightforward question. “Probably Fingal’s Cave,” he says, referring to a tasting he did in on the uninhabited, Inner Hebridean island of Staffa, in a grotto known for its cathedral-like acoustics. “So much of taste is linked to experience,” he says…. 

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Alpro Soya Yogurt

“It’s all about fat, Rach” explained my brother over the summer, as he whipped up a 1/2 litre batch of Hollondaise which would get him through a week of breakfasts. “Seriously – cheese is good, carbs are bad” he explained. But with the arrival of autumn, he has moved away from the eggs and butter, and… 

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Friday Potluck | Week 13

From Spiderman strawberry heads, to Melted Olaf yoghurt pots, this week’s Pot Luck is all about film-themed food. It might have been three years since the last Harry Potter film was released, but the thought of golden snitch truffles makes me feel like a themed-party is imminent….

The Cookbook Book

“History is a commentary on the various and continuing incapabilities of men. What is history? History is women following behind with the bucket.” says Mrs Dorothy Lintott in Alan Bennett’s The History Boys. For a female history teacher in 1980s Sheffield, it must have seemed that way. But it was a time that the study… 

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Friday Pot Luck | Week 12

“Where there’s tea, there’s hope”, so the saying goes. It makes me think of the photograph above, such a poignant image. The civilising effect of a cup of tea. Something able to offer even a glimmer of hope amidst total destitution. I love the Britishness of it too, that even in the rubble, someone has managed… 

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