Johnnie Walker City Edition: London Launch

From left to right: view from The Eye; chinnock above The City; Sunset from the Shangri-La pool at The Shard

“Mmm … the best place I’ve ever drunk whisky?” ponders Colin Dunn. As a Diageo whisky ambassador it’s not a straightforward question. “Probably Fingal’s Cave,” he says, referring to a tasting he did in on the uninhabited, Inner Hebridean island of Staffa, in a grotto known for its cathedral-like acoustics. “So much of taste is linked to experience,” he says…. 

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How to cook a haunch of venison

I think it’s a good sign how well someone knows you when they throw caution (or convention?) to the wind, and give you a frozen haunch of venison as a wedding present.

‘I Can’t Be Bothered’ Sushi Bowl

Until the late nineties, it was always assumed that food would arrive fully-constructed. A pie was a pie, a soup was a soup, and so on and so forth. Then molecular gastronomy happened.

Guajillo meat marinade

There are some things which are very smug-making to have in a fridge. A bowl of fruit compote, for example. A bundle of herbs all lovingly wrapped in damp kitchen roll, a jar of homebrew kimchi, or a tub of bircher.

Not my kettle of fish

First published in Fish on Friday If you’ve ever wondered who actually needs a fish kettle these days, here’s a cautionary tale. I was 19 years old and working as an agency chef.