The lemoniest of lemon tarts


You may have noticed by now that most of my posts involve quite a lengthy pre-amble. All I’m going to say about this recipe though is that it is a wonderfully tart tart. Eight lemons is a lot. But I won’t use any other lemon tart recipe. Enjoy!


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Celery, Raisin and Mackerel Salad


I know, I know, another mackerel salad. I suppose that’s the problem of genuinely blogging about ‘the food I eat’ – if I buy a pack of three mackerel, then there are going to be a few mackerel posts while I get through it all.

I really do love mackerel though – man, it’s tasty. And it’s got that fishy oiliness which you just know is making you big and strong and kicking your brain into action….all that Omega-3. This just takes seconds to put it together, and the crunchy celery, juicy raisins and earthy beetroot are quite the combination. Enjoy!… 

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Lamb Shank Tagine with Pearl Barley & Buttered Kale


I’ve been to Morocco twice. The first time to Agadir. I was thirteen and we went to a an all-inclusive hotel which mainly included morning battles over sunbeds. I don’t want to seem ungrateful, but my memories of the somewhat sketchy week is miles away from the glossy images you see.… 

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The Glorious Twelfth

Allargue The Twelfth

“The Lyttelton restaurant will receive their grouse delivery from the Scottish Highlands in the early hours of the morning, delivered by a convoy of Land Rovers” – so read a press release for the Mayfair restaurant late last week.

But lucky old me – instead of waiting for the grouse to be chauffered down south – I headed up north, putting me in the perfect location for eating this season’s first grouse on The Glorious Twelfth. I was a guest on a walked-up shoot at Allargue – a family estate fifty miles west of Aberdeen. The six guns shot twenty one and a half brace (43 birds), meaning that we were able to pick out the eleven youngest and plumpest for a celebratory supper last night. The rest of the birds (and 15 white hares) were sold to a game dealer, where they were undoubtedly whisked down south, and upsold to chefs desperate to get their hands on The Highland’s freshest produce.… 

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