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I live in an edgy East End flat. I know it’s edgy because a poster next to the lift tells me so: “In close proximity to edgy Hoxton and Shoreditch.” My friends find this particularly funny because they know that I sometimes play my left hand versus my right hand at scrabble. They know I [...]

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It’s hard to have a really epic night out in London for just £25. You could buy three warm beers at Mahiki….or you could just about check you and your coat into Raffles. Dammit, you could put £25 on your Oyster card, and leave it on a bus. I suppose you could just about get [...]

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If, like me, you were near Bethnal Green tube around 6pm last night waiting for the Indian Summer to begin…then you may, like me, have been drenched by the Indian monsoon instead. Round the point that the rain was bouncing off the road, I was drenched and stranded in Tesco’s with all thoughts of sheeshy [...]

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