Carbonara with garlic breadcrumbs

“What about Carbonara?” suggests Tom.

“… with garlic bread?”

It’s a balmy Sunday afternoon in London, toward the end of an unusually hot June. We were at a wedding last night. Due to antibiotic-induced teetotalism, there’s not a hangover in sight. Instead, Tom capitalised on the situation and saved on a taxi by driving us back from Hampshire in the middle of the night…. 

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Ellory pork heritage carrots

Best meal of 2015: Ellory

I’ve come across some baffling menus recently. It throws up this recurring scene which plays in my mind. It begins with a one-arm bandit being wheeled into the kitchen one morning – a kind of gourmet fruit machine, which is put in charge of recipe development. The chefs gather round it, and pull the handle…

marmalade modern pantry x650

Christmas gift guide

Top row, left to right – Petty knife, £100, Blenheim Forge – Karasuba-iro ramen bowl, £16, Sous Chef – The Marmalade Collection, £15, The Modern Pantry (1x lemon, ajowan & turmeric marmalade, 1x pink grapefruit, rose & pink peppercorn marmalade, 1x clementine, black cardamom & saffron marmalade)

christmas pudding ingredients

Royal Mint’s Christmas Pudding

I was lucky enough to be approached by The Royal Mint to help them develop a recipe for ‘Stir Up Sunday’ – the final Sunday before advent, when families traditionally make their Christmas pudding.


Chocolate semifreddo and coffee ice cream loaf

I don’t remember my first taste of coffee. I remember my first taste of tea – plastic mugs of weak PG Tips served at 4pm tea at school – part of what I now recognise to be a wartime rationing themed spread. Packet mashed potato was administered with potato scoops, and slices of spam were… 

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