Best meal of 2015: Ellory

Ellory exterior

I’ve come across some baffling menus recently. It throws up this recurring scene which plays in my mind. It begins with a one-arm bandit being wheeled into the kitchen one morning – a kind of gourmet fruit machine, which is put in charge of recipe development. The chefs gather round it, and pull the handle…… 

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Buttermilk panna cotta

Buttermilk Panna Cotta

I wouldn’t usually choose panna cotta from a menu. When it’s effectively set-cream it’s a really rich dessert. Introduce buttermilk though, and it’s a different beast altogether. It brings a lovely tanginess to the dish, and is just delicious. This recipe is so quick and so easy. If you have people coming for dinner, then take 15 minutes to rattle… 

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Temple Street Pistachio 3 door electric aga

8 Reasons to buy a New Generation AGA

An AGA is very different to conventional oven, so I’ve put together a list which highlights its benefits and hopefully helps clarify some of the differences. It relates specifically to the new generation, electric Total Control AGA (pictured above), which is the model I have here in London, and which is perfect for city living…. 

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Aga smelting1

Coalbrookdale Foundry: visiting the Aga factory

It’s a bright spring morning, and I’m stuck in stalemate. My taxi is refusing to budge, and neither is the red-faced man in front of us, waving his arms out of his Toyota window. The two cars are nose to nose on a single-lane country road which was never meant for more traffic than one man… 

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Granola cranberries flax seed

Granola with cranberries and linseeds

  I’ve posted a recipe for homemade granola already. It wasn’t just a recipe, but a lesson in the economics of granola-making which resulted in me whittling down my recipe to 46p/100g. At the time I was catering some corporate breakfasts though, and margin seemed paramount.