Carbonara with garlic breadcrumbs

“What about Carbonara?” suggests Tom.

“… with garlic bread?”

It’s a balmy Sunday afternoon in London, toward the end of an unusually hot June. We were at a wedding last night. Due to antibiotic-induced teetotalism, there’s not a hangover in sight. Instead, Tom capitalised on the situation and saved on a taxi by driving us back from Hampshire in the middle of the night…. 

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Granola cranberries flax seed

Granola with cranberries and linseeds

  I’ve posted a recipe for homemade granola already. It wasn’t just a recipe, but a lesson in the economics of granola-making which resulted in me whittling down my recipe to 46p/100g. At the time I was catering some corporate breakfasts though, and margin seemed paramount.

parsi eggs akoori

Akoori: Parsi Scrambled Eggs

  A real weakness of mine is a spicy breakfast. There’s a rapidly-depleting pot of green chillies in my fridge at the moment, which get most action round 8:00am. Sometimes they go in a spicy omelette, sometimes in spice-scrambled tofu. Neither of these follow strict recipes, but the gist is combining any odds and ends… 

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dutchtub dream

Friday Potluck | Week 14

Off camping this weekend … and I couldn’t be more excited. After the success of the Kelly Kettle last year I couldn’t resist putting together a quick guide of some camping accessories – some attainable, like the tic tac spice holders … and some purely aspirational. Just imagine rocking up at a campsite with Dutchtub in… 

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Pork pies made up just two of the 20 categories

The British Pie Awards 2015

Last Wednesday I was in St Mary’s Church in Melton Mowbray – light streaming through the stained glass windows, and a voice booming from the pulpit: “now take your control pie…”