Inver Scotland (11)

“Is tha’ your wee dog there?” – a yell across the car park. It’s Pam Brunton, head chef at Inver arriving for the morning shift. “I’ve got to show her to ma’ chefs,” she says, crouching down to ruffle Tonka’s ears.


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Aga smelting1

Coalbrookdale Foundry: visiting the Aga factory

It’s a bright spring morning, and I’m stuck in stalemate. My taxi is refusing to budge, and neither is the red-faced man in front of us, waving his arms out of his Toyota window. The two cars are nose to nose on a single-lane country road which was never meant for more traffic than one man… 

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Granola cranberries flax seed

Granola with cranberries and linseeds

  I’ve posted a recipe for homemade granola already. It wasn’t just a recipe, but a lesson in the economics of granola-making which resulted in me whittling down my recipe to 46p/100g. At the time I was catering some corporate breakfasts though, and margin seemed paramount.

parsi eggs akoori

Akoori: Parsi Scrambled Eggs

  A real weakness of mine is a spicy breakfast. There’s a rapidly-depleting pot of green chillies in my fridge at the moment, which get most action round 8:00am. Sometimes they go in a spicy omelette, sometimes in spice-scrambled tofu. Neither of these follow strict recipes, but the gist is combining any odds and ends… 

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dutchtub dream

Friday Potluck | Week 14

Off camping this weekend … and I couldn’t be more excited. After the success of the Kelly Kettle last year I couldn’t resist putting together a quick guide of some camping accessories – some attainable, like the tic tac spice holders … and some purely aspirational. Just imagine rocking up at a campsite with Dutchtub in… 

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